Moringa the Miracle Tree

Bonsai Moring Tree available at Canadian Moringa Ottawa Canada
Moringa Tree - Canadian Moringa
Moringa Tree - Canadian Moringa

Moringa Bonsai Tree

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Moringa Bonsai Tree

Moringa Bonsai available for pick up only at 245 Westbrook Road, Ottawa.

Six young plants $50 Provides an all you can eat buffet. Be careful you may loose weight!

Moringa contains vitamins A B C D E, protein & amino acids. It is often referred to as the Miracle Tree.

The Moringa or Drumstick tree is a low maintenance tree requiring very little water and fertilizer.

Growing a Moring tree in your garden offers plenty of benefits. You get nutritious leaves, flowers (which can also be cooked) and fruit any time you want. Plus, the flowers attract pollinators like butterflies and bees, which will also help your other garden plants.

BONUS get a free Super Energy 25 g bag of Earth Apple Tea with Moringa Inulin. Simply add the tea to your cart and use code Trees at checkout.

Trees are available for pickup only at our Ottawa, off of Carp Road, location.